Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Armory Square Hospital Gazette, 4-22-1865


The Armory Square Hospital (now the site of the National Air and Space Museum) was active from August, 1862, through September, 1865, and many of the worst casualties of the battlefields were treated there.  The patients and a former nurse printed and edited this weekly newspaper—the Armory Square Hospital Gazette—for the staff and patients from January, 1864, through August, 1865; the library collection holds over 30 issues of this rare publication.  The issue here documents the reaction to the assassination and death of Abraham Lincoln one week earlier.

Image: The Armory Square Hospital Gazette, v. 2, no. 64 (April 22, 1865). Gift of Edmund K. Stiles to Harvard College Library and transferred to the Library of Harvard Medical School, 1988.


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