Monday, July 6, 2015

Army Medical Department Medal of Honor Recipient: Assistant Surgeon Richard Curran

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Citation: Voluntarily exposed himself to great danger by going to the fighting line there succoring the wounded and helpless and conducting them to the field hospital.

Rank and organization: Assistant Surgeon, 33d New York Infantry.
Place and date: At Antietam, Md., 17 September 1862.
Entered service at: Seneca Falls, N.Y.
Born: 4 January 1838, Ireland.
Date of issue: 30 March 1898.

Irish-born Assistant Surgeon Richard Curran pursued an education at Harvard, and called Seneca Falls, N.Y., his home just before the Civil War broke out. Curran was a natural leader and played an important role in the formation of two volunteer companies when the War began. Curran found his company, the 33rd New York Infantry, heading onto the battlefield at Antietam without any medical officers aside from himself. Without any orders as to where to proceed or who to report to, Curran followed the troops into fierce fighting. Curran survived his service during the Civil War, and returned to New York to later become the mayor of Rochester.


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