Monday, July 13, 2015

Resectioned Shoulder Joint


This photograph is part of a small collection of case histories of Civil War soldiers, wounded in conflicts in Virginia, treated at the Lincoln General Hospital, and sent to Dr. Edward Brooks Peirson (1820-1874) of Salem, Massachusetts.

Edward Brooks Peirson volunteered his services to assist the wounded at Fredericksburg after the Battle of the Wilderness.  According to his obituary, “It was during this self-sacrificing service that he contracted disease which first permanently weakened his naturally vigorous constitution and at last added his name to the number of those who, during our late civil war, secured our national life by yielding up their own.”

Image: Photograph of man with resectioned shoulder joint, Photographs of Wounded Soldiers, 1864.
Gift of Benjamin Shreve Peirson to the Boston Medical Library, 1972.


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