Monday, March 2, 2015

Susie King Taylor

By Marcie Schwartz

Susie King Taylor was born on a plantation in Georgia in 1848 and allowed to go to Savannah to live with her grandmother in 1855. Despite the harsh laws against the formal education of African Americans, she attended secret schools taught by black women and was tutored by two white youths. In April 1862, she fled to Union occupied St. Simons Island.

Quickly noted for her advanced education, she became the first black teacher to openly educate African Americans in Georgia at the age of 14. She married Edward King, a black officer in the 33rd United States Colored Infantry Regiment, and served as a nurse, laundress, and taught reading and writing to soldiers in his regiment until the end of the war. In 1902, she privately published a book of her experiences as a nurse entitled Reminiscences.



Hi, thank you for this article! Is this actually her on the photograph - and if so, where does the photrograph come from? Thank you!

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