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Dr. Jacob Da Silva Solis-Cohen, Laryngologist

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Dr. Jacob Da Silva Solis-Cohen, (1838-1927), the founder of laryngology in the United States, was born in New York City on February 28, 1838, of distinguished Spanish and Portuguese ancestry. He received his medical education at Jefferson Medical College and the University of Pennsylvania where he qualified in 1860.

After serving for a short time in the United States Army and Navy during the Civil War, he devoted himself to the study of laryngology. His first work on the subject, entitled “Inhalation in the Treatment of Disease”, was published in 1867, and was followed in 1872 by his great work “Diseases of the Throat and Nasal Passages”, which at once became a standard text-book and ranked with those of Morell Mackenzie (1860) and Francke F. Bosworth (1881) among the classics of laryngology.

In 1874, appeared Solis-Cohen’s monograph on “Croup in its Relations to Tracheotomy”, based on the study of 5,000 recorded cases ; in 1875 he published a book on “The Throat and Voice”. In 1866, he was the first in the United States to institute regular lectures on laryngology at the Philadelphia School of Anatomy.

In 1870 he was appointed lecturer on laryngoscopy and diseases of the throat and chest in the Jefferson Medical College and two years later professor of laryngology. He was one of the founders of the Archives of Laryngology and for many years edited the laryngological department of the American Journal of the Medical Sciences. He also helped to found the American Laryngological Association, of which he was the second president in 1880–82. As the result of his experience in the Civil War he excelled in the surgery of the upper air passages.

In 1892 he was the first in America to perform a successful complete laryngectomy.

His death occurred on December 22, 1927.


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