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City of Memphis Hospital Ship

From: riverboatdaves.com

    Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet          Size: 301' X 36' X 8'
    Power: 32 1/2's-8 ft.. Six boilers, each 45" X 30 ft.
    Launched: 1857, Monongahela, Pa. Hull by George Cunningham
    Area: 1857, New Orleans - St. Louis
          1862, New Orleans - St. Louis
    Owners: 1857, Kountz, Capt. William J.
            1862, Nov., Bofinger, Capt. John and others.
            *At one time was under Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company banner.
    Captains: 1857, Kountz, William J.
              1860, Montgomery, J, Ed
              1863, Nov., Bofinger, Capt. John and others.
    Comments: Most of her cabin works were salvaged from the CHRYSTAL PALACE.
              1864, spring, renamed CONSTITUTION, but change was dissalowed by U.S.
                    Customs and she reverted to being the CITY OF MEMPHIS.
    Comments: At time Ft. Sumter was first fired on, she was laid up at
                    Mound City, Ill..
              1862, April, became a hospital boat.


my 4rth Great Uncle John Steven Virtue died on this ship from wounds revd at the Battle of Milliken's Bend a staging area for supplies for the siege of Vicksburg. He was with the IOWA 23RD Infantry.

My 3 great grandfather Jeremiah “Jerry” Reynolds died on this boat in Feb 1863 and was buried in Mound City,IL. He was not from Mound City. He was married to Lucinda and then Nancy (my 3rd gg) and their daughter Susan Elizabeth Reynolds Millikan (husband Solomon Millikan).

James Underwood, 72nd Ohio Regiment, Co. C, died of disease on this boat June 28, 1963 (Report of the 72nd Ohio Infantry Regiment)

My g-g-gfather Charles Newton Lindsay died of dysentery on board this ship on 3-18-1863. Buried in Mound City IL. His son Clark Lindsay died 4-30-1863 in Van Buren Hospital, Milliken's Bend. The Army notified Margaret Ann (Burton) Lindsay of the deaths of her husband and son in the same message. Both were in the 83rd Infantry, Indiana Volunteers.

Hey Cousin! John Virtue was my 4th great grandfather

Michael Castello, Sgt. Company A, 30th Regiment, Missouri Regiment, died 21 Feb 1863 on the City of Memphis at St. Louis Missouri of Typhoid Fever after having been wounded at the battle of Arkansas Post, AR, on 11 Feb 1863. Her was 43 years old and was born in Florissant, Missouri in Dec 1819. He is buried in Jafferson Barracks Cemetery in St. Louis.

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