Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What Would Clara Barton Bring?

From nps.gov

People call me a nurse – I scarcely know why. There were no nurses then. Trained nurses were not known. My work was, and chiefly has been to get timely supplies to those needing. It has taught me the value of Things. They have lost all. They want food, clothing, shelter, medicines, and a few calm practical persons to administer them. This seems to have been my work.
- Clara Barton, excerpt from interview published on January 10, 1908, in the New York Sun

During the Civil War, Clara Barton collected and distributed supplies (food, bedding, clothes, personal items, etc.) in hospitals and on the battlefield for both sides. She wanted to give comfort and relief to men who were fighting for their country. All of these things were distributed by wagon or train to hospitals or battlefields. Clara Barton would go along to organize and distribute the supplies and aid wounded soldiers.
Below is a list of items she brought to the battlefield.

Civil War Supply Shopping List:
1. bread
2. pies
3. canned fruits
4. pickled vegetables
5. jelly
6. prepared soups
7. meal
8. bandages
9. salves
10. combs
11. thread
12. buttons
13. thimbles
14. string
15. sewing kits
16. soap
17. clean shirts
18. handkerchiefs
19. sheets
20. blankets
21. oil and candle lanterns


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