Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Joseph Janvier Woodward, M.D.

Joseph Janvier Woodward received his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1853. He had an intense interest in photographic research on microscopic images. Many of his photomicrographs were later published in the "Medical-Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion".
At the outbreak of the Civil War he offered his services to the government. He served first as an assistant surgeon with the Army of the Potomac, although he spent most of his career in the Surgeon-General's office.
Woodward was put in charge of the Army Medical Museum in Washington. He supervised the collecting of the material that would be presented for publication and the education of new generations of physicians. He became famous around the world for his publications in the fields of microscopy and photomicography, and in 1881, was elected President of the American Medical Association. His devotion to the Museum was legendary.


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