Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pleading for Corn

Emma A. Shoolbred to Colonel Cathey, March 30, 1863.
Letter written during the Civil War
Flat Rock, March 30th 1863

(Joseph Cathey (1803–1874) of Haywood County, North Carolina, was a community leader who often received requests for assistance from soldiers or home front families during the Civil War. In this letter Emma Shoolbred, who indicates that she is a widow with a son in military service, writes to request Cathey’s assistance in locating corn and an ox to purchase.

The Federal Census of 1860 for the Flat Rock post office district of Henderson County, North Carolina, lists an E. A. Shoolbred, age 54, with a son James, age 27. According to the accompanying Slave Schedule, she owned 18 slaves, which she mentioned in her letter to Cathey.)

Col. Cathey
Though personally a stranger to you, I know that you are acquainted with my son James, and am induced to apply to you in a time of difficulty I have been a widow for three years, and James and his two younger brothers being in the army, in Virginia, and my eldest at [illegible], I am entirely with out any one to assist me the war has greatly reduced my circumstances, and I find it hard to live. I have many small negro children besides their parents to feed, and would be glad to know if I can purchase some corn from you at a reasonable price, and if you would allow me to purchase from you an ox, as I have lately lost one of mine, and understand from W. [?] Tabor that I cannot procure one in this neighborhood. I should also be glad to know the price of wheat flour, and if I can get any from you. An early answer will oblige
yours respectfully,
E.A. Shoolbred
Flat Rock, N.C.
Please name the price of the ox corn and flour if I can obtain them from you or in your neighborhood.
Emma A. Shoolbred



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