Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dr. Thomas Fearn

By Taylor M. Polites, 2-28-13
Excerpted from: The Bloody Occupation of Northern Alabama

On Jan. 16, 1863, Dr. Thomas Fearn died of pneumonia at his home in the northern Alabama city of Huntsville. Fearn had studied medicine in London, Paris and Philadelphia, and was the first doctor to treat malaria patients with quinine. He was also a businessman and slaveholder. He had served at the February 1861 Constitutional Convention and in the first Confederate Congress in Montgomery, Ala.

Fearn’s illness was reportedly of long duration, having begun when he was imprisoned for supporting guerrilla activity after the Third Division of the Union’s Army of the Ohio had swept into the area the previous spring.

Excerpted from: opinionator.blog.nytimes.com


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