Sunday, February 23, 2014

Harewood General Hospital (Corcoran Farm), Washington, D.C.


As the war progressed, Washington became home to several hospitals. Some were new constructions while others were in renovated buildings. Harewood Hospital was located on 7th Street, NW, near the Soldiers Home. Harewood was supervised by Surgeon Reed Bontecou. It held 2,000 beds in the permanent wards. At one time 312 hospital tents holding 1,872 beds were also on the grounds.

Located on the rolling hills of the Corcoran Farm, the hospital was built in a "V" pavilion style. A few wooden barracks and a brick farm house were incorporated into the hospital arrangements. The hospital consisted of nine wards, with 63 beds each, for a total of 945 beds. To these were added hospital tents, each of which held six beds. At one point, 312 hospital tents were in use on the site, with a capacity of 1,872 beds. In the bed census of Dec. 17, 1864, the hospital had 2,080 beds, with 1207 occupied, under the direction of Surgeon R. A. Bontecou, U.S.V.


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