Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Confederate Nurse Anna Etheridge

By Robert Joseph Sonntag

(From the excellent website, Florida Regiment Medical Department,

“Michigan Annie” as she was known was from Detroit Michigan and joined the 2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Army of the Potomac in 1861. Also known as "Gentle Annie" she often was found on the front lines caring for the wounded. She was given a horse and two navy colt pistols to protect herself. She wore them but never fired a shot. Annie carried medicine and bandages onto the battlefield and encouraged and inspired men to fight on.

At Gettysburg amidst cannon shot ...a woman on horseback and in uniform galloped back and forth from the line of battle. It was Anna Etheridge and she was directing the removal of the wounded. She went on to care for the wounded in 32 battles and was made a Sergeant by Gen. Philip Kearny right before he was killed at Chantilly.


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